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Table 2 Analytical parameters of the duplex T.cruzi satDNA/IRBP qPCR assay

From: Development and evaluation of a duplex TaqMan qPCR assay for detection and quantification of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in domestic and sylvatic reservoir hosts

Analytical parametersatDNA/IRBP qPCR
Analytical sensitivity, par.eq./ml
 TcI (Silvio X10)0.01
 TcVI (CL Brener)0.01
Inclusivity (fg/µl) 
 Tc I (Silvio X10)0.25
 Tc II (Y)0.125
 Tc III (M5631 cl5)0.0625
 Tc IV (4167)0.0625
 Tc V (MnCl2)0.0625
 Tc VI (CL Brener)0.0625
Exclusivity (non detectable qPCR) pg/µl
 T. rangeli100
 L. major1000
 L. donovani1000
 L. amazonensis100
Reportable range
 Cl Brener0.1–105 par.eq/ml;
y = − 2.48X + 22.69; R2 = 0.99
 Silvio X101–104 par.eq/ml;
y = − 2.64 + 27.28; R2 = 0.98