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Table 4 IRBP (eIAC) gene amplification in duplex satDNA/IRBP qPCR assay for T.cruzi DNA detection in samples from reservoir species

From: Development and evaluation of a duplex TaqMan qPCR assay for detection and quantification of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in domestic and sylvatic reservoir hosts

IRBP controlT cruzi positive/total
Valid samplesMean CqSD
Wild reservoirs (n = 35)
Small rodents
 Akodon toba, Argentina5526.292.220/5
 Galea leucoblephara, Argentina1126.88nd0/1
 Rattus rattus, Argentina1124.72nd0/1
 Didelphis virginiana, México4424.291.270/4
 Didelphis marsupialis, Colombia3326.280.273/3
 Marmosa murina, Colombia3329.734.913/3
 Tadarida brasiliensis, Argentina1124.48nd0/1
 Promops nasutus, Argentina4433.601.970/4
 Desmodus rotundus (vampire), Argentina2b127.90nd0/1
Other mammals
 Conepatus chinga (skunk), Argentina3324.861.650/3
 Lagostomus maximus (viscacha), Argentina3328.380.200/3
 Leopardus geoffroyi (wildcat), Argentina1122.71nd0/1
 Lepus europaeus (hare), Argentina1127.88nd0/1
 Mazama gouazoubira (brown brocket deer), Argentina1126.78nd0/1
 Lycalopex gymnocercus (Pampas fox), Argentina2225.080.600/2
Domestic reservoirs (n =117)
 Bos taurus (cow), Argentina121224.840.310/12
 Canis lupus familiaris (dog), Argentina272724.521.100/27
 Canis lupus familiaris (dog), Méxicoa4428.854.504/4
 Capra hircus (goat), Argentina242423.751.130/24
 Equus caballus (horse), Argentina2223.400.490/2
 Felis catus (cat), Argentina4426.210.370/4
 Felis catus (cat), México101026.450.6110/10
 Ovis aries (sheep), Argentina292925.160.920/29
 Ovis aries (sheep), Méxicoa2232.671.512/2
 Sus scrofa domesticus (pig), Argentina3322.720.980/3
  1. a Phenol chloroform DNA extraction
  2. b One sample was IRBP negative
  3. Note: IRBP amplification and detection of T.cruzi positive cases are shown
  4. Abbreviations: SD, standard deviation; Cq, quantification cycle; nd, not determined