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TableĀ 1 Study populations included in this study

From: Assessment of multiplex Onchocerca volvulus peptide ELISA in non-endemic tropical regions

GroupnOriginHelminth infection statusOv16 IgG4-positive (%)
Nodule-positive84Ghana, AshantiO. volvulus-infected55 (65.5)
B. malayi20Indonesia, Central SulawesiB. malayi-infected0 (0)
W. bancrofti10Sri Lanka and TahitiW. bancrofti-infected0 (0)
Healthy controls84BelgiumNo helminth infectionnd
South America96Brazil/South-AmericaNo helminth infection (90 T. cruzi-seropositive)nd
STH/S. mansoni24Ethiopia, JimmaSTH- and/or S. mansoni-infected0 (0)
Endemic controls50Ghana, AshantiNo clinical signs of onchocerciasis25 (50.0)
Kenya, Kisumu100Kenya, Kisumu45 S. mansoni-infected, 3 STH-infected0 (0)
Kenya, Siaya108Kenya, Siaya43 STH-infected, 2 S. mansoni-infected1 (0.9)