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Table 4 Single nucleotide polymorphism frequencies for A. caninum isolates at the three different codons associated with resistance to benzimidazoles

From: Multiple drug resistance in the canine hookworm Ancylostoma caninum: an emerging threat?

Isolate/PatientBZ phenotype (S/R)Sample sequencedF167Y
Freq (%)
Freq (%)
Freq (%)
ETCRS250 eggs000
ETCRS300 L38.800
BarrowS250 L31.200
Worthy 1.1FR300L387.600
Worthy 2.1FR100 L394.500
TaraR375 eggs12.700
Tara 1.1FR250 L350.900
LacyRSingle adult47.400
LacyRSingle adult52.900
LacyRSingle adult46.000
Fame TakerR350 L390.700
Dolores (Worthy house companion)R300 L388.900
  1. Abbreviations: BZ, benzimidazoles; Freq, frequency; L3, third-stage larvae; S/R, susceptible/resistant