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TableĀ 1 List of Ae. albopictus populations used for AS-PCR detection technique studies

From: Establishment of an innovative and sustainable PCR technique for 1534 locus mutation of the knockdown resistance (kdr) gene in the dengue vector Aedes albopictus

Collection siteCollection dateLongitude (E)Latitude (N)NanbGenotypec
Xingyi, GuizhouSeptember 2018104.8925.1032321131800000
Jinjiang, FujianJuly 2018118.5824.82161669100000
Taijiang, FujianApril 2018119.3126.07322047040500
Minhou, FujianApril 2018119.3725.91161627420100
Fuqing, FujianApril 2018119.4125.73161687100000
Baiyunshan, GuangdongJuly 2018113.3023.1816500000230
Baiyun, GuangdongJuly 2018113.2723.1916200000020
Huangpu, GuangdongJuly 2018113.4523.1132200000011
Yongxing, HainanJuly 2018110.2619.8913200000110
Xiuzhong, HainanJuly 2018110.2720.0114400000400
Jinghong, YunnanSeptember 2018100.8121.9920100000010
Nanjing, JiangsuJune 2018118.7832.04321190200000
Zhabei, ShanghaiSeptember 2009121.2731.1516800044000
Cixi, ZhejiangJuly 2010121.1430.1016600042000
Nanchang, JiangxiAugust 2010115.8928.6816400031000
Changping, BeijingSeptember 2009116.1540.1016700052000
Guangzhou, GuangdongJanuary 2010113.1523.06161000064000
Haikou, HainanNovember 2009110.2020.0116300030000
  1. aSamples of Ae. albopictus collected in 2018 and populations genotyped that collected between 2009 and 2010
  2. bSamples used for AS-PCR detection technique studies
  3. cSamples of each genotype used for AS-PCR detection technique studies