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Fig. 1

From: Gene copy number and function of the APL1 immune factor changed during Anopheles evolution

Fig. 1

The APL1 gene underwent an expansion in an African Anopheles lineage. Anopheles phylogenetic tree indicates the number of APL1 gene paralogs present in the genome of 18 Anopheles species. Geographical locations of species and the number of APL1 genes in each species are indicated in columns, “Location” and “# of APL1 genes”, respectively. Anopheles species worldwide, including An. funestus in Africa, carry a single APL1 gene, which is the ancestral state. An exclusively African lineage displays an increased number of APL1 paralogs, including the Gambiae species complex and An. christyi (expanded APL1 lineage indicated by shaded box). The five sequenced species of the An. gambiae complex clearly carry three APL1 paralogs, while An. christyi carries more than one and possibly three, but the genome assembly is poor, thus indicated as > 1 APL1 gene. Phylogeny modified from [35]

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