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Fig. 1

From: Anopheles gambiae populations from Burkina Faso show minimal delayed mortality after exposure to insecticide-treated nets

Fig. 1

24-hour mortality of laboratory Banfora and VK7 (a) and field Tengrela and Yendere (b) mosquitoes after WHO cone bioassay exposure. Mosquitoes were exposed to PermaNet 2.0 or untreated net single (Assay A), or multiple (Assays B-E) times and their mortality recorded. Error bars show 95% confidence intervals for the population proportion. Numbers above bars show the number of mosquitoes tested. Numbers below the graph show the number of exposures and letters refer to the experimental design (see Table 1). Asterisks show when untreated and PermaNet 2.0 mortality was significantly different (P < 0.05). See Additional file 1: Table S2 for details of the mortality in each assay

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