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Table 1 Summary of experimental factors in cone bioassays. Mosquitoes were exposed to PermaNet 2.0 and untreated nets

From: Anopheles gambiae populations from Burkina Faso show minimal delayed mortality after exposure to insecticide-treated nets

Cone assay IDLLIN exposure (times exposed)Exposure regimeMosquito strainAge (days)a
ASingle (×1)Exposed onceVK7 (Lab)4
Banfora (Lab)4
Yendere (Field)3–5
Tengrela (Field)5–8
BMultiple (×2)Daily exposure for 2 consecutive daysVK7 (Lab)4
Banfora (Lab)4
CMultiple (×3)Daily exposure for 3 consecutive daysVK7 (Lab)4
Banfora (Lab)4
DMultiple (×4)Exposure every 4 days, for a maximum of 4 exposuresTengrela (Field)4
EMultiple (×5)Daily exposure for 5 consecutive daysTengrela (Field)4
  1. aAge at first exposure
  2. Abbreviation: Lab, laboratory