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Table 3 Summary of the initial morphological identifications of 669 faecal samples collected from Melbourne’s water catchment areas compared with the final PCR results using the two separate multiplex PCRs (Mmars-PCR and Mdeer-PCR), targeting portions of the mitochondrial cytochrome B gene (cytb)

From: Multiplex PCRs for the specific identification of marsupial and deer species from faecal samples as a basis for non-invasive epidemiological studies of parasites

SpeciesMorphological identificationPCR-based authentication
 Unknown marsupial270
 Eastern grey kangaroo168419
 Swamp wallaby619
 Unknown deer188a
 Fallow deerNot possible10
 Red deerNot possible12
 Sambar deerNot possible163
 Rabbit30No amplicon
  1. aThree of faecal samples originally identified morphologically to originate from deer were shown molecularly to originate from kangaroo