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Table 2 Summary of vaccine trials using hookworm excretory/secretory products

From: Twenty-five-year research progress in hookworm excretory/secretory products

Vaccine antigenSize (kDa)Vaccine formulationDelivery routeEffectTarget speciesDevelopment stageReference
Ac-ASP-142.0Alum-precipitated RPIPLarval migration inhibitionA. caninumAnimal trial[150]
Ac-ASP-224.2RP/Glaxo SmithKline adjuvantIMLarval migration inhibitionA. caninumAnimal trial[26]
Ace-ASP-224.0RP/Quil AIMLarval migration inhibitionA. ceylanicumAnimal trial[19]
Na-ASP-221.3RP/AlhydrogelIMLarval migration inhibitionN. americanusPhase 1 clinical trial[28]
Ac-MTP-161.0RP/Glaxo SmithKline adjuvantIMLarval migration inhibitionA. caninumAnimal trial[155]
Ac-APR-1~ 50.0RP/Glaxo SmithKline adjuvantIMReduction of anemia, worm burden, and egg countA. caninumAnimal trial[156]
RP/AlhydrogelSCWorm burden reductionN. americanusAnimal trial[28]
Mutant Na-APR-1naMutant protein /AlhydrogelIMReduction of anemia, weight loss, and egg countsA. caninumAnimal trial[158]
Ac-GST-130.0RP/Glaxo SmithKline adjuvantIMWorm burden and egg count reductionA. caninumAnimal trial[93]
RP/AlhydrogelSCWorm burden and egg count reductionN. americanusAnimal trial[28]
Na-GST-124.0RP/AlhydrogelIMWorm burden reductionN. americanusPhase 1 clinical trial[90, 95]
Ace-KI-17.9RP/Freund’s adjuvantSCMalnutrition and growth delay preventionA. ceylanicumAnimal trial[79]
Calreticulin56.0RP in phosphate buffer salineIPWorm burden reduction in lungsN. americanusAnimal trial[161]
Ace-ES-211.6RP in 1.5 M NaClPODecreasing anemia and improving the recovery rateA. ceylanicumAnimal trial[125]
Ace-FAR-120.0RP/cholera toxinPOWorm burden reductionA. ceylanicumAnimal trial[144]
  1. Abbreviations: na, not applicable; RP, recombinant protein; IP, intraperitoneal injection; IM, intramuscular injection; SC, subcutaneous injection; PO, per os (orally)