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Table 1 Strain characterization

From: Use of alternative bioassays to explore the impact of pyrethroid resistance on LLIN efficacy

Species Strain Origin Date colonized Resistance intensity to deltamethrin Mortality (%)a
An. arabiensis KGB Kanyemba, Zimbabwe 1975 Susceptible reference
An. funestus FANG Calueque, Angola 2002 Susceptible reference
An. arabiensis SENN Sennar, Sudan 1980 Susceptible > 98
An. arabiensis SENN-DDT Sennar, Sudan Selected since 1995 54
An. gambiae TONGS Tongon, Côte DʼIvoire 2010 91
An. funestus FUMOZ Maputo, Mozambique 2000 8
An. funestus FUMOZ-R Maputo, Mozambique 2001 10× 4
  1. Resistance intensity to the pyrethroid deltamethrin was previously measured under standard laboratory conditions with the WHO tube assays [34]
  2. a24 h post-exposure to 1× diagnostic dose of deltamethrin