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Table 2 Overview of H. aegyptium tick stages and blood samples collected from infested tortoises

From: Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in tortoises and Hyalomma aegyptium ticks in East Thrace, Turkey: potential of a cryptic transmission cycle

Site no.Sample no.No. of tortoises screened (species/sex)Samples collected from the tortoises
No. of ticksaNo. of tick poolsNo. of blood samples
112 (T. graeca /♀)20M, 11F2
221 (T. graeca /♀)3M11
31 (T. graeca /♀)1M, 1F, 1N, 10L41
41 (T. graeca /♀)1M, 2F21
51 (T. graeca /♀)4M, 11F2
61 (T. graeca /♂)3M, 1F, 5N2
71 (T. graeca /♀)2F, 2N2
381 (T. graeca /♀)2M11
491 (T. graeca /♂)4M, 3F1
101 (T. graeca /♂)1M, 2F1
5111 (T. graeca /♀)19M, 3F21
121 (T. graeca /♀)1M, 5F1
6131 (T. graeca /♀)11M11
141 (T. graeca /♀)8M, 5F21
151 (T. graeca /♀)24M, 1F21
161 (T. graeca /♀)12M, 2F21
171 (T. graeca /♀)10M, 3F21
181 (T. graeca /♀)21M11
7191 (T. graeca /♂)1M, 1F21
201 (T. graeca /♀)12M, 3F21
211 (T. graeca /♀)24M, 5F, 3N31
221 (T. graeca /♀)10M, 6F21
231 (T. graeca /♀)3M, 5N2
241 (T. graeca /♀)1F, 13N, 2L3
251 (T. graeca /♀)3M1
261 (T. graeca /♂)3M, 2F2
271 (T. graeca /♀)1M1
281 (T. graeca /♂)3M1
2913 (T. graeca /7♀,6♂)78M, 21F, 36N19
8301 (T. graeca/♂)5M1
9312 (T. graeca /♀)33M, 22F2
10321 (T. graeca /♀)9M, 2F1
11332 (T. graeca /♀)3M, 3N2
12342 (T. graeca /♀)34M, 7F2
13351 (T. graeca /♀)8M, 3F2
14361 (T. graeca /♀)11M, 6F, 5N, 1L41
15371 (T. graeca/♂)2M1
18381 (T. graeca /♀)7M, 2F2
23392 (T. graeca /♀)8M, 4F3
25401 (T. graeca /♀)5M, 3F, 1N, 7L41
411 (T. graeca /♀)17M, 10F21
421 (T. hermanni /♀)1F, 5N, 5L31
26431 (T. hermanni /♀)5L1
28441 (T. hermanni /♀)1F, 15L21
451 (T. hermanni /♀)6N, 5L2
29461 (T. graeca /♀)17M11
31471 (T. graeca /♀)10L1
32481 (T. hermanni /♀)8N1
Total65 (5 T. hermanni, 60 T.graeca)753 (448M, 152F, 93N, 60L)10621
1449Questing ticks collected from the sites6N, 125L5
16501M, 50L2
17511N, 6L2
185212M, 5F17
20545M, 3F8
23572M, 3F5
Total312 (25M, 13F, 8N, 266L)52
  1. aData broken down by sex and life stage
  2. Abbreviations: M, male; F, female; N, nymph; L, larva