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Table 5 Correlation coefficients between head and wing variation

From: Chagas vectors Panstrongylus chinai (Del Ponte, 1929) and Panstrongylus howardi (Neiva, 1911): chromatic forms or true species?

SpeciesSize / ShapeFemalesP-valueMalesP-value
P. howardiSize (r)0.520.024*0.250.140
Shape (Rv)0.230.5280.350.040
P. chinaiSize (r)0.84< 0.001*0.81< 0.001*
Shape (Rv)0.200.7440.290.063
  1. Notes: For size correlation coefficients (r), P-value was computed according to the Studentʼs t-test. For shape correlation coefficients (Rv), which are here the Escoufier’s coefficient (see Methods), P-values are the proportion of pseudo-coefficients equal or larger than the observed coefficient after non-parametric tests (1000 runs)