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Table 8 Bioclimatic variables used for the ecological niche modeling (ENM)

From: Chagas vectors Panstrongylus chinai (Del Ponte, 1929) and Panstrongylus howardi (Neiva, 1911): chromatic forms or true species?

Bioclimatic variableVariable contribution (%)
P. howardiP. chinai
BIO2: Mean diurnal range (mean of monthly (max temp − min temp))1.177.7
BIO1: Annual mean temperature14.27.6
BIO4: Temperature seasonality (standard deviation × 100)17.35.8
BIO14: Precipitation of driest month0.11.7
BIO7: Temperature annual range (BIO5-BIO6)01.5
BIO13: Precipitation of wettest month01.3
BIO3: Isothermality (BIO2/BIO7 × 100)00
BIO12: Annual precipitation61.30
BIO15: Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation)0.10