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Table 2 Echinorhynchus gymnocyprii samples used in the present study

From: Prevalence and genetic diversity of Echinorhynchus gymnocyprii (Acanthocephala: Echinorhynchidae) in schizothoracine fishes (Cyprinidae: Schizothoracinae) in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China

Host Collection site Code Sex GenBank ID
rRNA cox1
Gymnocypris eckloni Maduo MD1 Female MT162052 MT169741
Maduo MD2-8 Male MT162053–MT162059 MT169742–MT169748
Maduo MD14-18 Female MT162065–MT162069 MT169754–MT169758
Dari DR1 Female MT169759
Dari DR2, 3 Female MT162070, MT162071 MT169760, MT169761
Dari DR6-7 Male MT162074, MT162075 MT169764, MT169765
Ptychobarbus kaznakovi Zhiduo ZD1, 3 Male MT162081, MT162083 MT169771, MT169773
Zhiduo ZD2 Male MT162082 MT169772
Zhiduo ZD4-5 Female MT162083–MT162085 MT169774, MT169775
Gymnodiptychus pachycheilus Maduo MD9-10 Male MT162060, MT162061 MT169749, MT169750
Maduo MD11-13 Female MT162062–MT162064 MT169751–MT169753
Dari DR4 Female MT162072 MT169762
Dari DR5 Male MT162073 MT169763
Gymnocypris przewalskii Qinghai Lake QHL1-3 Male MT162076–MT162078 MT169766–MT169768
Qinghai Lake QHL4-5 Female MT162079, MT162080 MT169769, MT169770