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Table 5 Genetic analyses of Rwanda field samples and Muguga, Kiambu and Serengeti (collectively referred to as Muguga cocktail) vaccine isolates

From: Sequence diversity of cytotoxic T cell antigens and satellite marker analysis of Theileria parva informs the immunization against East Coast fever in Rwanda

Population No. of genotypes/loci Estimated heterozygosity FST VD L P-value ISA
Rwanda 8.311 0.906      
Muguga cocktail 2.422 0.640      
Overall 5.367 0.773 0.037 0.9258 0.6058 <0.01 0.1887
  1. Abbreviation: ISA, standard index of association; VD, mismatch variance (linkage analysis); L, upper 95% confidence limit of Monte Carlo simulation (linkage analysis)