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Table 1 Overall site characteristics. General environmental and demographic characteristics of the 4 data collection sites

From: Risk factors for Aedes aegypti household pupal persistence in longitudinal entomological household surveys in urban and rural Kenya

Site Households Urban/rural Coastal/inland Population density (no./km2) Elevation (m) Coordinates
Kisumu 20 Urban Inland 15,000 1100 0°5′15.22478″S, 34°46’22.3284″E
Chulaimbo 20 Rural Inland 500 1328 0°2′8.592″S, 34°37′15.6”E
Ukunda 20 Urban Coast 2000 8 4°17′59.9994″S, 39°34′59.8794”E
Msambweni 20 Rural Coast 460 4 4°28′0.0114″S, 39°28′0.12″E