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Table 2 Pairwise ANOSIM comparisons by mosquito species and life stage

From: Culex pipiens and Culex restuans egg rafts harbor diverse bacterial communities compared to their midgut tissues

Pairwise comparison Global R P-value
CXP.EG vs CXP.MG 0.5195 0.0006
CXP.EG vs CXR.EG 0.1902 0.0054
CXP.EG vs CXR.MG 0.8894 0.0006
CXP.MG vs CXR.EG 0.3782 0.0006
CXP.MG vs CXR.MG 0.2992 0.0006
CXR.EG vs CXR.MG 0.6989 0.0006
  1. The significance values are Bonferroni-corrected for multiple comparisons
  2. CXP Cx. pipiens, CXR Cx. restuans, EG egg samples, MG midgut samples
  3. Permutations N: 9999; Mean rank within: 3400; Mean rank between: 5859; R: 0.4777; P (same): 0.0001