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Table 5 Parameter names and values used in simulations

From: Modeling and simulation of the spatial population dynamics of the Aedes aegypti mosquito with an insecticide application

Parameter Description Value References
D Diffusion coefficient 18969 (\(\hbox {m}^2\)/day) Fitted, [23]
\(\gamma\) Maturation rate 0.0625 (1/day) [35]
\(\mu _1\) Mobile phase mortality rate 0.1177 (1/day) Fitted, [23]
\(\mu _2\) Immobile phase mortality rate 0.0250 (1/day) [16]
r Oviposition rate 34 (1/day) [36]
e Hatching rate 0.2400 (1/day) [13]
k Carrying capacity 0.0590 (1/\(\hbox {m}^2\)) Fitted, [46]