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Table 1 Summary of Aedis aegypti populations tested in the study

From: Insecticide resistance status of Aedes aegypti in Bangladesh

Ovitrap collection sites Final populationa for bioassay Generation tested
General location District Specific location
Dhaka Dhaka Azimpur Azimpur F0
Dhanmondi Dhahmondi & Mohammadpur F0–F2
Gulshan Gulshan & Karail F0–F2
Mipur Mirpur F1–F2
Malibagh Malibagh F2
Uttara Uttara F1–F2
Non-Dhaka Rajshahi Rajshahi City (urban) Rajshahi F2
Poba (rural)
Chapai Nawabganj Chapai Nawabganj City (urban) Chapai Nawabganj F2
Shibganj (rural)
Bandarban Bandarban City (urban) Bandarban F0–F2
Rowangchhari (rural) No Ae. aegypt; all were Ae. albopictus NA
Chittagong Chittagong City Chittagong F0–F2
  1. aFor ease of description, mosquitoes from each location are considered as a single population. Due to low hatching rates for some locations, eggs from adjacent locations were sometimes merged into a single population