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Fig. 2 | Parasites & Vectors

Fig. 2

From: Considerations on the taxonomy and morphology of Microcotyle spp.: redescription of M. erythrini van Beneden & Hesse, 1863 (sensu stricto) (Monogenea: Microcotylidae) and the description of a new species from Dentex dentex (L.) (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Fig. 2

Bayesian inference (BI) phylogram based on the mitochondrial cox1 dataset for Microcotyle spp. Bivagina pagrosomi was used as the outgroup. Posterior probabilities and bootstrap support values are shown at the nodes; only values > 0.90 (BI) and 75% (ML) are shown. The scale-bar indicates the expected number of substitutions per site. Sequence identification is as in GenBank, followed by a letter: A, Ayadi et al. [24]; Ba, Bouguerche et al. [2]; Bb, Bouguerche et al. [3]; J, Jovelin & Justine [15]; K, Kamio & Ono (unpublished); O, Oliva et al. [29]; P, Park et al. [27]

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