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Table 2 Pairwise unweighted and weighted Fst values [88] for each taxonomic cluster as determined by the ADMIXTURE analysis, using our four-fold degenerate site dataset and samples with 100% cluster assignment (see Additional file 1: Tables S1, S2)

From: Global evaluation of taxonomic relationships and admixture within the Culex pipiens complex of mosquitoes

 Australian endemicsquinquefasciatuspallenspipiens (NCA)pipiens (EMD)
Australian endemics0.2800.2500.2410.267
pipiens (NCA)0.4100.3990.2510.116
pipiens (EMD)0.3550.3840.2280.136
  1. Note: Unweighted values appear above the diagonal and weighted values appear below the diagonal
  2. Abbreviations: NCA, North American Cluster; EMD, Europe and the Mediterranean Cluster