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Table 2 Validation of the three predicted 3D models of Asaia RNase III by MolProbity, VADAR, Verify_3D and ERRAT

From: Molecular characterization of RNase III protein of Asaia sp. for developing a robust RNAi-based paratransgensis tool to affect the sexual life-cycle of Plasmodium or Anopheles fitness

Asaia RNase III modelMolProbity scoreaVADAR
Free energy of folding
Verify 3D (%)bERRAT (%)bRamachandran plot quality (%)Overall qualityc
Most favoredAdditionally allowedGenerously allowedDisallowed
Swiss-model1.66− 383.4672.0191.9889.
Phyre23.01− 191.8967.0782.3585.411.
Modeller1.72− 391.6582.1310093.
  1. aMolProbity score combines the clash score, rotamer and Ramachandran evaluations into a single score
  2. b100 is the best, 0 is the worst
  3. c10 is the best, 0 is the worst