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Table 1 Anti-Trichomonas vaginalis activity and cytoxicity effects of furanyl N-acylhydrazone (PFUR) derivatives 4a and 4b

From: Antiparasitic activity of furanyl N-acylhydrazone derivatives against Trichomonas vaginalis: in vitro and in silico analyses

CompoundTrichomonas vaginalisCHO-K1 cells
PFUR 4a6.251.69 ± 0.208> 12.5> 7.4
PFUR 4b6.251.98 ± 0.121> 2.5> 6.3
  1. aStandard error (SE) as calculated by GraphPad Prism 7.03 software
  2. Notes: All results are expressed in μM, except for SI values. Trophozoites and cells were exposed to PFUR 4a and 4b for 24h for all in vitro assays