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Table 1 Arithmetic mean flea counts and percent efficacy relative to placebo at 24 h after treatment and weekly re-infestations with Ctenocephalides felis or C. canis for dogs treated orally with Simparica Trio™

From: Laboratory studies evaluating the efficacy of a novel orally administered combination product containing sarolaner, moxidectin and pyrantel (Simparica Trio™) for the treatment and control of flea infestations on dogs

Day after treatmentTreatment groupStudy 1 (C. felis)Study 3 (C. canis)
Flea count% EfficacyFlea count% Efficacy
1Placebo89.5 85.5 
Simparica Trio™0.1*99.90*100
7Placebo78.5 74.8 
Simparica Trio™0*1000*100
14Placebo82.8 75.3 
Simparica Trio™0*1000*100
21Placebo80.5 87.9 
Simparica Trio™0*1000*100
28Placebo88.1 81.8 
Simparica Trio™0*1000*100
35Placebo89.5 75.3 
Simparica Trio™0*1000*100
  1. *Flea counts are significantly lower than placebo; 14.45 ≤ tdf ≤ 34.43, 7 ≤ df ≤14, P < 0.0001