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Table 3 Significant risk factors (ExpB) for Bartonella spp. and haemoplasmas in cats across Italy

From: A molecular survey of vector-borne pathogens and haemoplasmas in owned cats across Italy

Independent variableBSEWalddfP-valueExp (B)95% CI for Exp (B)
Cats from SouthBartonella spp. risk factors      
 Haemoplasma risk factors      
Sex (male vs female)0.5600.11324.38810.0001.7511.402–2.187
Increasing age0.3390.1109.50910.0021.4041.132–1.742
FIV positive2.1770.9135.68110.0178.8231.472–52.861
  1. Note: Variables entered on the models at step 1: provenance (NCS), reproductive status, breed, sex, age, FIV and FeLV positivity. Bartonella and haemoplasmas positivity were entered as independent variable in each model
  2. Abbreviations: B, estimated coefficient; SE, standard error; Wald, Wald statistic; df, degrees of freedom; P, significance value; Exp (B), predicted change in odds for a unit increase in the predictor