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Fig. 2

From: Comparison of infectivity of Plasmodium vivax to wild-caught and laboratory-adapted (colonized) Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes in Ethiopia

Fig. 2

Comparison of the proportion of infected colony vs wild mosquitoes. a The proportion of infected wild mosquitoes (Y-axis) is plotted against colony mosquitoes (X-axis) for P. vivax single-species infections with at least 10 mosquitoes dissected. The dotted line is the line of perfect agreement. b The differences between the proportion of infected colony and wild mosquitoes plotted against the averages of the two mosquito sources. The average of the proportion of infected colony and wild mosquitoes for each paired infection is indicated in the X-axis vs excess infections in wild mosquitoes (differences between proportions of infected wild mosquitoes vs colony mosquitoes) in the Y-axis. The limits of agreement are indicated as the mean difference (middle dotted line) and the 95% confidence interval of the limit of agreement (mean ± 1.96 SD of differences) with horizontal dotted lines. Unfilled dots indicate P. falciparum + P. vivax co-infections

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