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Table 1 Overview of simulated treatment scenarios

From: Deworming women of reproductive age during adolescence and pregnancy: what is the impact on morbidity from soil-transmitted helminths infection?

Baseline prevalence of any hookworm infection SB treatment only SB treatment and treatment of WRA
Moderate Annual SB treatment
Semi-annual SB treatment
Annual SB treatment
Semi-annual SB treatment
High Semi-annual SB treatment Semi-annual SB treatment
  1. SB, School-based; WRA, women of reproductive age
  2. For each baseline prevalence and treatment frequency we compare the currently implemented treatment strategy (SB treatment only) with the new recommended treatment strategy (SB treatment + treatment of WRA). All analyses were done separately with the forces of infection (FoIs) extracted from the Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC) and Imperial College London (ICL) models