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Table 3 Comparison of mutant allele frequency of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene in Ae. albopictus samples collected in the 1990s and 2010s

From: The pattern of kdr mutations correlated with the temperature in field populations of Aedes albopictus in China

Population/time Mutant allele frequency (%)
F1534S F1534C F1534L
GDGZ95/1990s 0 0 0
GDGZ/2010s 71.4 2.4 1.2
HNHK94/1990s 100.0 0 0
HNHK/2010s 61.9 4.0 0
SCCD97/1990s 0 0 0
GXNN/2010sa 43.5 39.8 3.7
  1. aBecause this study did not include the samples collected in the 2010s at the same collection point as SCCD97, we chose the GXNN population for comparison with the closest geographical distance