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Table 4 Results of the two NIE-SsIR antigen-based tests against the CRS, indeterminate cases were classified as positive cases

From: Diagnostic accuracy of a novel enzyme-linked immunoassay for the detection of IgG and IgG4 against Strongyloides stercoralis based on the recombinant antigens NIE/SsIR

ELISA kit Results of ELISA kit Composite reference standard—indeterminate cases included as positive cases (n)
Positive Negative Total
InBios Strongy Detect™ IgG ELISA Positive 160 3 163
Negative 139 147 291
 Total   299 150 449
InBios Strongy Detect™ IgG4 ELISA Positive 146 4 150
Negative 153 146 277
 Total   299 150 449