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Table 2 Aedes aegypti survival rates following exposure to blastospores at different times after applying the suspensions to the cloths

From: Metarhizium anisopliae blastospores are highly virulent to adult Aedes aegypti, an important arbovirus vector

Drying time Blastospores 0 h Blastospores 12 h Blastospores 24 h Control
Survival (%) ± SD 8.8 ± 9.97a 61.1 ± 4.32b 81.1 ± 1.61c 82.2 ± 2.36 c
S50 3 nd nd nd
  1. End-point survival rates (% ± SD) and median survival times (S50) of female Ae. aegypti 7 days after exposure to cloths impregnated with ESALQ 818 blastospores at a concentration of 1 × 107 propagules ml−1. The cloths were placed in the pots immediately (0 h), 12 h, or 24 h after applying blastospores to the cloths. Mean survival percentages followed by different letters indicate statistical differences when comparing values using ANOVA followed by Duncan’s post hoc (5% level). Control data for all treatment groups were combined, and a single mean survival rate was calculated
  2. nd not determined