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Table 1 Summary of information on selected women who have historically contributed to the development of medical entomology

From: Acknowledging extraordinary women in the history of medical entomology

Name Years (birth–death) Country of birth Main countries of work Most relevant arthropod group(s) (medical entomology) Most relevant topic(s)
Clara S. Ludlow 1852–1924 USA Philippines, USA Culicidae Taxonomy
Muriel Robertson 1883–1973 Scotland England, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Glossina Pathogen life cycle
Alwen M. Evans 1895–1937 England England, Kenya Culicidae Taxonomy, ecology
M. Josephine Mackerras 1896–1971 Australia Australia Blattodea, Culicidae, Calliphoridae, Simuliidae Taxonomy, epidemiology
Gertrud Theiler 1897–1986 South Africa South Africa Ixodida Taxonomy, ecology
Maria Tonelli-Rondelli 1899–1970 Italy Italy Ixodida Taxonomy
Maria V. Pospelova-Shtrom 1902–1991 USSR (Russia) USSR (Russia) Ixodida Taxonomy, epidemiology
Miriam L. Rothschild 1908–2005 England England Siphonaptera Anatomy, physiology, ecology
Theresa R. Clay 1911–1995 England England Phthiraptera Taxonomy, ecology
Ellinor C. C. van Someren 1915–1988 Uganda Kenya Culicidae Taxonomy
Brouria Feldman-Muhsam 1916–2008 Palestine (Israel) Israel Ixodida Physiology, ecology
Elizabeth N. Marks 1918–2002 Ireland Australia Culicidae Taxonomy
Ana E. Hoffmann 1919–2007 México México Acari Taxonomy, biology
Ernestine H. B. Thurman 1920–1987 USA Thailand, USA Culicidae Taxonomy, ecology, control
S. Monica Asman 1920–2016 Germany USA Culicidae Control, genetics
Jane B. Walker 1925–2009 Kenya Kenya, South Africa Ixodida Taxonomy, biology
Jadwiga Złotorzycka 1926–2002 Poland Poland Amblycera /Ischnocera Taxonomy, ecology, morphology
Rachel Galun 1926-alive Palestine (Israel) Israel Culicidae, Ixodida, Pediculidae Physiology, ecology
Natalia A. Filippova 1930–2018 USSR (Russia) USSR (Russia) Ixodida Taxonomy, epidemiology
M. Dora Feliciangeli 1940–2017 Italy Venezuela, Italy Triatominae, Phlebotominae Epidemiology, biology, genetics, taxonomy
M. Cristina Ferro 1947–2015 Colombia Colombia Phlebotominae, Culicidae, Reduviidae Taxonomy, biology, ecology, epidemiology
Clara L. Maassa 1876–1901 USA USA, Cuba Not applicable Died in yellow fever transmission experiments
  1. aHonorable mention