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Table 2 Dynamics of infection in animals experimentally inoculated with spirochetemic blood collected from humans with soft tick-borne relapsing fever in Colombia [68]

From: Historical overview and update on relapsing fever group Borrelia in Latin America

Animal (n)a Collection of the inoculated blood sample (febrile/afebrile period) Days to first observation of spirochetes in bloodb Consecutive days of visible spirochetes in bloodb Relapsing occurrence (no. of animals with relapsing)
Wild rat, undetermined species (2) Febrile 2 3 No relapse
Young guinea pig (3) Febrile 2–4 1 No relapse
Young rabbit (1) Febrile 1 1 No relapse
White rat (6) Febrile 1 3 Yes (2)d
White rat (2) Afebrilec 4 1–4 Yes (2)e
  1. aAll animals were inoculated subcutaneously or intraperitoneally with samples of spirochetes-positive human blood (0.5–1.0 mL)
  2. bBy thick blood smear
  3. cBetween first and second febrile episode
  4. dAt 4 days after the last spirochete detection
  5. eAt 2–5 days after the last spirochete detection