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Figure 1

From: Multilocus microsatellite signature and identification of specific molecular markers for Leishmania aethiopica

Figure 1

Identification of L. aethiopica from clinical isolates. A) PCR amplification of Leishmania genomic DNA from different species using previously developed primers MATRAE2 and Ae2.1 subjected to electrophoresis on a 1% agarose gel. Lanes 1 and 2 are PCR products from 2 different L. aethiopica isolates used in the study. Lanes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are PCR products amplified from genomic DNA of L. donovani, L. major, L. mexicana, L. tropica, L. infantum and mouse, respectively. L is 1kb DNA ladder. B) Basic Local Alignment search of sequences derived from PCR amplification of the ITS1 region of L aethiopica, L major and L. tropica, using L5.8S/LISTR primers. Genomic DNA from L. aethiopica MHOM/ET/1972/L102 was used as a reference strain.

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