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Figure 4

From: Multilocus microsatellite signature and identification of specific molecular markers for Leishmania aethiopica

Figure 4

Identification of species specific primers for L. aethiopica. Multilocus microsatellite markers developed in the study analyzed for Leishmania species specificity. PCR analysis of genomic DNA extracted from different Leishmania species using primer 15 with an annealing temperature of 55.5°C. PCR products were electrophoresed on a 2% agarose gel and analyzed for the presence of a 100 bp band. Lanes: 1–5: different isolates of L. aethopica; 6: L. donovani; 7: L. major; 8: L. mexicana; 9–13:L. tropica; 14: L infantum. L represents 1 kb ladder.

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