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Fig. 2

From: Crosstalk between purinergic receptors and lipid mediators in leishmaniasis

Fig. 2

Balance between nucleotides and inflammatory lipid mediators on Leishmania spp. infection establishment. a The increase of ATP and reduction of Ado in extracellular medium leads to an overproduction of LTB4, which in turn stimulates the production of ROS and NO, and the polarization of immune responses for a Th1 and Th17 pattern; meanwhile a high PGE2 production also directs the polarization for Th2 response. This scenario facilitates the elimination of Leishmania spp. by macrophages. b The evasion of Leishmania spp. occurs when Ado concentrations in the extracellular medium overlaps the ATP. Thus, there is an increase in PGE2 and decreased ROS and NO, with consequent polarization Th2

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