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Fig. 1

From: Genotypes and public health potential of Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Giardia duodenalis in crab-eating macaques

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic relationship of multilocus genotypes (MLGs) of Giardia duodenalis assemblage B inferred by the maximum likelihood analysis of concatenated tpi, gdh and bg nucleotide sequences using genetic distances calculated by the general time reversible model (GTR). Reference sequences (MLG1-15, isolates Sweh001, Sweh059, Sweh074, Sweh107, Sweh136, Sweh158, ECUST1710, ECUST5414, ECUST4064 and ECUST981) used are from the studies by Lebbad et al. [51], Karim et al. [18] and Wang et al. [27]. Bootstrap values greater than 50% from 1000 replicates are shown on nodes. MLGs identified in the present study are in bold. The scale-bar indicates 50 nucleotide substitutions per 100 nucleotides

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