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Table 3 Multilocus sequence genotypes of Giardia duodenalis assemblage B in crab-eating macaques in Hainan, China

From: Genotypes and public health potential of Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Giardia duodenalis in crab-eating macaques

MLGsa Subtype No. of specimens
tpi gdh bg
MLG-B-hn01 B-sh01 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 27
MLG-B-hn02 B-hn02b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 12
MLG-B-hn03 B1 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-Egyh8 10
MLG-B-hn04 B-hn03b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 8
MLG-B-hn05 B1 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 7
MLG-B-hn06 B-sh01 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-CD10 7
MLG-B-hn07 B-hn02b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 6
MLG-B-hn08 B2 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 6
MLG-B-hn09 B-sh01 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 4
MLG-B-hn10 B-hn02b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-Egyh8 4
MLG-B-hn11 B1 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 4
MLG-B-hn12 B-hn01b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 3
MLG-B-hn13 B1 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 B-CD10 3
MLG-B-hn14 B1 B-hn05b B-CD10 3
MLG-B-hn15 B6 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-CD10 3
MLG-B-hn16 B-sh01 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-Egyh8 3
MLG-B-hn17 B-sh01 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B2 3
MLG-B-hn18 B1 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-CD10 2
MLG-B-hn19 B6 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 B-Egyh8 2
MLG-B-hn20 B-sh01 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-Egyh8 2
MLG-B-hn21 B-hn02b BIV B2 2
MLG-B-hn22 B-hn04b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 2
MLG-B-hn23 B-hn02b B-hn05b B-hn08b 2
MLG-B-hn24 B1 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-hn08b 2
MLG-B-hn25 B-sh01 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 B-CD10 2
MLG-B-hn26 B-sh01 B-hn05b B-CD10 2
MLG-B-hn27 B1 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B2 2
MLG-B-hn28 B1 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-hn08b 2
MLG-B-hn29 B-hn01b B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-CD10 2
MLG-B-hn30 B2 B-hn05b B2 1
MLG-B-hn31 B1 B-sh03 B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn32 B1 B-hn05b B2 1
MLG-B-hn33 B-sh01 B-Afu97 B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn34 B-hn02b BIV B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn35 B6 B-hn05b B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn36 B-hn04b B-VANC/91/UBC/67 B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn37 B-hn04b B-VANC/91/UBC/67 B-Egyh8 1
MLG-B-hn38 B1 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-Egyh8 1
MLG-B-hn39 B6 B-hn05b B-Egyh8 1
MLG-B-hn40 B1 B-hn05b B-Egyh8 1
MLG-B-hn41 B2 BIV B2 1
MLG-B-hn42 B-sh01 B-hn05b B2 1
MLG-B-hn43 B-hn04b B-hn05b B2 1
MLG-B-hn44 B-hn01b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 1
MLG-B-hn45 B-hn03b B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B2 1
MLG-B-hn46 B-hn02b B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-hn08b 1
MLG-B-hn47 B-sh01 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 1
MLG-B-hn48 B6 B-Afu97 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 1
MLG-B-hn49 B2 B-VANC/96/UBC/127 B-hn08b 1
MLG-B-hn50 B-hn04b B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn51 B6 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-CD10 1
MLG-B-hn52 B1 B-VANC/87/UBC/8 B-VANC/91/UBC/67 1
MLG-B-hn53 B1 BIV B-Egyh8 1
  1. aMLGs are named based on subtypes at the tpi, gdh and bg loci
  2. bNew subtype identified in this study