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Correction to: Show us your ticks: a survey of ticks infesting dogs and cats across the USA

The Original Article was published on 19 December 2019

Correction to: Parasites Vectors (2019) 12:595

Following publication of this article [1], the authors found an error in Table 4: the identity of the ticks from one cat, 32 larvae, had been incorrectly recorded as Dermacentor variabilis, while it is actually Ixodes cookei, as confirmed by re-examination of the original datasheet and tick specimens.

Table 4 Ticks collected from domestic cats in the USA by species, stage, and month of collection (corrected version)

Please note that this error did not affect the analysis or conclusions.

However, please be advised of the following corrections to the results: the number of different tick species found on cats (n = 13); the percentage and number of cats with D. variabilis (17.6% and 59/336); the number of cats with I. cookei (n = 1); the number and percentage of D. variabilis on cats (90/891 and 10.1%); the number of I. cookei on cats (n = 32); and the percentage of adult female D. variabilis in the study (679/1115 and 60.9%).

The table has now been corrected in the published article and is provided in this correction; likewise, the above corrections to the results have been made in the published article.

The authors apologize for this error and for any inconvenience it may have caused.


  1. Saleh MN, Sundstrom KD, Duncan KT, Ientile MM, Jordy J, Ghosh P, Little SE. Show us your ticks: a survey of ticks infesting dogs and cats across the USA. Parasites Vectors. 2019;12:595.

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