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Table 1 Overview of the samples used to test the barcoding pipeline

From: A barcoding pipeline for mosquito surveillance in Nepal, a biodiverse dengue-endemic country

Sample code Origin Sampling year Genera Life stage Storage conditions Number of tested individuals DNA extraction Method to verify accuracy
NP1 Nepal 2013 Aedes, Anopheles, Mansonia Adults Homogenates, − 20 °C 15 Qiagen DNeasy Morphology
NP2 Nepal 2018 Aedes, Anopheles, Armigeres, Mansonia Adults 100% ethanol, room temperature 20 Lucigen Sanger
BEL Belgium 2019 Aedes Adults Dried, room temperature 8 Lucigen Morphology
GER Germany 2018/2019 Aedes Eggs (pools of 10) − 20 °C 28 pools Qiagen DNeasy Sanger + Morphology